Jack White, Assistant to the General President, IUPAT; Premier Rachel Notley, Alberta; John Sedor, BM/ST IUPAT District Council 17

Left: Jack White, Assistant to the General President of the IUPAT
Middle: Rachel Notley, Albert Premier
Right: John Sedor, BM/ST IUPAT District Council 17

John Sedor, Business Manager / Secretary Treasurer

John Sedor is a Red Seal Journeyman Painter with decades of experience in all aspects of the trade. John is the BM/ST for District Council 17, responsible for all aspects of and all employees of the DC. Prior to the formation of the new District Council, John was the Business Manager for Local 739 (since November 2004). John joined the L739 staff in 1989.
Covering three provinces and two territories, John is what you call a very busy guy! He resides in Winnipeg, but he is [obviously] usually on the road. … That’s the job!

Contact Information: John Sedor

p. 204.943.2497, x 101
e. jsedor@dc17.ca

Ray Gelean, Dispatch (Edmonton)

A glazier in the trade for over 20 years, Ray Gelean was initially hired as a District Council 17 Glazier Field Representative in Edmonton. Upon Dave West’s retirement in late 2016, Ray was transferred to Alberta Dispatch.

Contact Information: Ray Gelean

p. 780.484.8645 x202,
e. rgelean@dc17.ca

Sandy Danylyshen, Administrator (Winnipeg)

Sandy Danylyshen has been with Local 739 since January 1999. She is in charge of Administration Local 739, accounts receivable and accounts payable. She is Assistant to John Sedor, Business Manager, for day-to-day operations.

Contact Information: Sandy Danylyshen

p. 204.943.2497
e. office@dc17.ca