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Local 739 Health and Welfare FAQs

Check out these commonly asked questions and answers about IUPAT Local 739 Health & Welfare programs.

When travelling on business or vacation out of province/out of country and I have an emergency or accident, whom do I contact for assistance?

Your Travel Medical Emergency insurance is fully insured via Great-West Life and coordinated with their affiliate, Global Medical Assistance. Coverage ceases when the insured Member attains age 70 or retirement, whichever occurs first. The Travel Medical Emergency insurance (policy #165013) requires that when you are traveling and an emergency or accident occurs, you must report the incident to Global Medical Assistance as soon as possible by calling in Canada and the U.S. at 1.800.527.0218; within the United Kingdom at 0.800.252.074, and finally from within Mexico at 001.800.101.0061. If you have any difficulty with any of the Toll Free numbers, call collect at 401.453.6330. Wallet cards are available at the Union Office or the Administrator (Coughlin office) with the relevant information for contact purposes.

Prior to travelling, if you or your eligible dependent(s) have a known medical condition, we encourage you to contact Coughlin & Associate Ltd. (Toll Free 1.888.204.1234) for clarification of coverage, as it may not be applicable subject to the circumstances associated with your medical condition.

The overall maximum for coverage is unlimited although certain treatment limits will apply. Please refer to the Extended Health Benefits section of the Member Benefit Plan Booklet for additional Details.

My dentist advised that to transmit a dental claim through the EDI system at the dental office I need a policy number and BIN number (may refer to carrier number). What are the numbers that are to be given to the dentist?

Coughlin & Associates Ltd., the claims adjudicator, requires the following number to transmit a claim through the EDI system, please ask them to use the number 610105 (referred to as CDANET Carrier Identification Number also known as the BIN number (on the Telus network). Your unique personal Identification Number is your Social Insurance Number and the Policy Number of the Group Benefit Plan is 165013.

When I submit a claim through the EDI system at the dentist’s office will Coughlin & Associates Ltd., send the cheque directly to my dentist?

Yes, Coughlin and Associates Ltd., will reimburse the dentist directly (via mail), provided you have assigned the benefits payable to the dentist. Furthermore, an explanation of benefits, reflecting the payment to the dentist will be forwarded to the member for their records and review.

Where can I get a health or dental claim form to send to Coughlin & Associates Ltd. or my drug card for automatic transaction at the pharmacy?

You can contact the plan administrator/claims adjudicator (Coughlin & Associates Ltd.) at toll-free 1.888.204.1234 for a health or dental claim form, and for co-ordination of the drug card. Or visit the Coughlin website.

Why is my Prescription Pay Direct Drug Card not working?

The most common reason for problems with your Drug Card is that the Pharmacist does not have your correct date of birth on the system or alternatively your name is spelled incorrectly on the system versus the name identified on the Prescription (i.e. typo error or as an example the name Bill being replaced by William). In order for the Drug Card to work at the Pharmacists’ office, the name on the card must match identically with name on the prescription. If you are having problems in this area, please contact Coughlin’s office in order for the matter to be corrected.

What happens to my Health & Welfare bank account if I become disabled?

On disability (Workers Comp, Weekly Indemnity or EI Disability), the Member’s account will be frozen provided he or she has received benefits for at least two consecutive weeks in any month. Furthermore, the Hour Bank will be frozen for a maximum period of 37 consecutive weeks (9 months ) or if the Disabled Member is receiving WCB or auto insurance benefits to a maximum period of 12 consecutive weeks (3 months). All coverage ceases no later than age 70. It is important to notify the Plan Administrator’s office when you are off work due to disability, to enable your account to be frozen. As well, for applications to be made in relation to a Waiver of Life Insurance required at six (6) months of the date of initial disability.

How can I become covered again if my benefits were previously terminated?

If your coverage has been previously terminated, you will again be covered on the first day of the month in which you have accumulated 390 hours in your Health & Welfare Hour Bank Account as per the initial eligibility requirements of the Plan.

How do I add or remove dependents?

Please contact the Administrator’s office, Coughlin & Associates Ltd., in order that you may acquire the appropriate enrolment forms. Alternatively, you may download a Change Form from the Plan Administrator’s website by selecting the FORMS link at the top of the Home page (then selecting CHANGE FORM from the list of Winnipeg forms). Complete the form, print it off and sign it (any changes must be verified by the Plan Member’s signature) and mail it to the Plan Administrator’s address indicated on the Change Form.

How many hours are taken out of my Health & Welfare Hour Bank Account for 1 month of coverage?

Each month, 130 hours will be deducted from your Health & Welfare Hour Bank Account to provide benefit coverage noting that you may accumulate a maximum Hour Bank Account of 780 hours, equivalent to 6 months coverage.

How do I get coverage on the Health & Welfare Benefit Plan?

You must work for a signatory contactor who is making monthly contributions to the Local Union 739 Health & Welfare Trust Fund on your behalf. These contributions are recorded in your Health & Welfare Hour Bank.

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