Glaziers work on all types of glass and glass substitutes in commercial, residential and transportation applications. For example, in commercial application, they fabricate and install aluminum storefront frames, entrances and skylights. In residential applications, they install doors and windows. In transportation applications, they repair and replace windows and windshields in vehicles.

Skills & Abilities

The work is most rewarding for those who enjoy variety, developing special skills and seeing the results of their work. To be successful in their trade, glaziers need:

  • The skills to read, write and communicate verbally
  • Good background in trade math
  • The physical strength and stamina required to work with heavy glass materials
  • The ability to work at heights, including skyscrapers
  • The ability to lift in excess of 25 kilograms
  • Good eyesight to measure, cut and see flaws in glass
  • Manual dexterity
  • The ability to work alone or with a team
  • Computer skills are an asset.


Alberta: apprentices pursue Red Seal Glazier level training at NAIT (Edmonton) or SAIT (Calgary).
Manitoba & Saskatchewan: there is no local Red Seal Glazier instruction. Members may either attend such at SAIT (Calgary) or NAIT (Edmonton), or they may challenge to take the exam at a later date once sufficient experience earned. In practice, the per diem offered by both Manitoba and Saskatchewan to attend out of province apprenticeship training is low, and so most pursue the latter path.

Glaziers Gallery

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