Organizing FAQs

Organizing FAQs

District Council 17 Organizing FAQs

Check out these commonly asked questions and answers about District Council 17’s organizing activities.

Who will aid me in an Organizing Drive?

Although each organizing drive is unique, they all follow the same basic steps: first, a core committee of trusted co-workers reflecting a variety of backgrounds and jobs within your workplace gathers to plan and carry out the organizing strategy with support from your organizer.

How do I track my progress of an organizing drive?

A strong majority of the people in your workplace will need to sign a card saying that you want to join IUPAT. Your employer will never see who signs. The labour relations board will verify the cards and check that enough people have signed to initiate a vote. For further details please contact our organizing department.

How does your company become union?

Please contact organizing department in your province.

Can my employer interfere with organizing a union?

No, employees who feel that the employer has done something wrong, will find that the Union will almost always file the Unfair Labour Practice complaint for you. There are a number of things that an employer may not do during certification or decertification drives. Many are obvious: threats, intimidation, coercion, penalties, or promises. There are less obvious things that employers are not allowed to do, like interfere with or control the administration of a Union. The Union will provide significant help to employees who want to become or remain Unionized and will usually provide an expert or a lawyer to go to the Labour Relations Board for you.

What is a collective agreement?

You and your coworkers will work with IUPAT staff to negotiate with your employer to create your first collective agreement, a legally binding contract between a union and an employer that sets the terms and conditions of employment. IUPAT members participate in this process by giving feedback on your top priorities for bargaining joining the bargaining committee, and voting on your contract will bring one agreed upon voice from all co workers.

When do I start paying union dues?

You will only start to pay union dues after you and your coworkers have voted to bring in a collective agreement that brings improvements to your compensation and working conditions. Union dues are the way union members pool their resources to build collective power and to have one voice.

Can my employer become a union company without a vote?

Yes, Voluntary recognition occurs when an employer enters a collective agreement with a union for a given unit of employees.

Is there a contact/website that has all the Labour laws in my area?

Yes, please contact IUPAT DC 17 to be directed.

I am an employer, why should I join IUPAT?

Forming a relationship with IUPAT will enable you to gain access to a pool of skilled workers, training, and a standardizing wage package to something fair yet predictable. This makes the costs associated with pay and benefits more predictable. Turnover is also less common, since employees generally enjoy the safety, security and a stable compensation package.

I am an employee, why should I join IUPAT?

Workers want to form unions so they can have a voice on the job to improve their lives, their families and their communities. With IUPAT, working people win basic rights, like a say in their jobs, safety and security. IUPAT will help remedy discrimination because union contracts ensure that all workers are treated fairly and equally. When there’s a problem on the job, workers and management can work together as equals to solve it. Higher union wages translate into stronger tax bases for our communities, better schools and infrastructures and healthier local economies. And when workers have a real say in their hours and working conditions, that means they can spend more quality time with their families. IUPAT will help make sure our nation prioritizes working people’s issues: unions hold corporations accountable, make workplaces safe, protect Social Security and retirement, fight for quality health care and ensure that working people have time to spend with their families.

How do I introduce the union to my workplace?

Start by contacting IUPAT’s organizing department: call 1-800-322 0694, but not on work time! an organizer can help you develop a plan that’s right for you and your workplace. All conversations will be kept completely confidential. Please do not discuss forming a union with anyone at work before an IUPAT organizer has advised you.

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