It’s very evident that there has been a lack of organizing efforts here in Calgary by the IUPAT. There are countless employers and employees that didn’t even know that DC 17 (IUPAT) is here. John Sedor (Business Manager) decided to purchase a few trucks that have helped immensely to expose us in Calgary and Edmonton. They have lots of decals that jump out and advertise wherever the truck is.

That coupled with my efforts is slowly turning things around. Debunking current employer seeded stigmas about the union is the first step in our effort to create a workplace that offers equal rights and fairness to all workers in Canada and the US. There are so many young folks out there that are working without any direction or discipline and the importance of a pension is not considered. They do not have to work after 65 and can enjoy the last years doing what they want instead of working until they expire because there is no choice. Don’t get me wrong, some people will work right through it all because that is their passion and no one can take that away from them. Joining and being part of a union means that employers cannot take advantage of employees and the bar will be raised in our industries setting new standards that will help everyone within our communities. I am challenging each and every one of you that reads this article to tell one other working individual in your trade about who we are and why it is important to stand together and be strong and fight for your rights.

Think of it as a garden…. our garden, we need to plant the seeds and water them from time to time. As our crop matures our communities will as well. I’m excited to say that there is a bill that may be passed by January that will make it much easier to organize in Alberta. With this in mind I have been approaching owners and introducing myself and DC 17 to make sure that they don’t feel threatened as most Employers do when it comes to unions. Employers need to be convinced that union representation can help the business and employees, and that becoming signatory is a good business decision. They need to realize that they do not lose control of their company and employees, and they are not strong armed into making choices because of being signatory, within reason. Being part of DC 17 gives the employees a collective voice that levels the playing field. When we come together we have a voice that will even aide in how things like procurement takes place in your city. Government officials need to know that taking the lowest bid often means the dollars will be flowing out of our economy. Substandard work cannot keep happening and we need to take the initiative to right what is wrong and raise the bar!  We can only do this together, and what better platform then DC 17 and the IUPAT, we are family! One voice!

Opportunities are everywhere to speak to industry specific professionals including the following; jobsites, coffee shops, Social Media……etc…I have made lots of new connections using these techniques that I have learned from an organizing seminar held in Burnaby Bc. Organizing works best when there is pressure from the top down as well as the bottom up. Planning and executing a 4 X 4 organizing campaign for example,  is key to being a successful organizer in the construction business. You need to identify Contractors, Secondary’s, and workers. I have been demonstrating my ability to identify potential target workers on Facebook, Indeed, and LinkedIn. 

Developing relationships over these platforms and face to face interactions have all helped plant the “SEEDS” required to move forward to the next steps in organizing.

I have over 1000 connections within the Linkedin world

There are over 1000 members sharing stories about the glazing industry Canada wide. The most recent topic is making the glazing trade compulsory. Great example of grass roots organizing.


Contrack is our new tool we have that enables us to keep all the records we have on individual companies and employees North America wide. This ability gives us a huge advantage to stay connected with other organizers and feed off who and what is going on at any time. This platform will grow stronger as more and more organizers use it.


In my opinion, in order to be a successful organizer, you must have a passion and a drive from within to be able to develop many new relationships on a daily basis. Maintaining our current membership is also very important as they are the blood and the sweat of our union.

Choose a Union Career!

Written by: Corey Bollivar
Phone: 403-968-4259