PETITION TO THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA (to build Trans Mountain Expansion)

  • The Trans Mountain Expansion was recommended by the National Energy Board and approved by the federal Liberal government on November 29, 2016;
  • The National Energy Board’s original evaluation between 2013 and 2016, and the Liberal initiated reconsideration that finished on February 22, 2019, both resulted in a recommendation for approval, and both confirmed through an independent, expert, evidence and science-based review that, with the recommended mitigation measures, the Trans Mountain Expansion is in the national interest of Canada;
  • The majority of Canadians, British Columbians, and Indigenous communities directly impacted, support the completion of the Trans Mountain Expansion;
  • The Trans Mountain Expansion will inject billions of dollars into the Canadian economy and create tens of thousands of direct and indirect jobs;
  • This project continues to face ongoing delays and threats from other levels of government and anti-energy activists, harming confidence in Canada as a place for investment and the construction of major infrastructure projects;
  • The Liberal government spent $4.4 billion tax dollars to purchase the existing pipeline with the promise that the Trans Mountain Expansion will be built; and,
  • The federal Liberal Cabinet will decide by June 18, 2019, whether to accept the National Energy Board’s recommendation to approve the Trans Mountain Expansion.

We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to approve the Trans Mountain Expansion, to officially declare the Expansion for the general advantage of Canada, and to announce a concrete plan to ensure the Trans Mountain Expansion is built.
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