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Description: Oil Sands Safety Association = OSSA (correctly pronounced Oh-SA, not Oh-SHA), was a “non-profit organization made up of representatives from Syncrude Canada, Suncor Energy, Shell Albian Sands and Canadian Natural Resources, as well as volunteer members from the labor providers, union, area contractors and learning providers” [About OSSA].

OSSA recently merged with Enform to form Energy Safety Canada. There is a new ESC Confined Space Program under development that may roll out later in 2019. We’ll see. But for now, the existing OSSA CSEM is still the course to take, and is good for three years.

If you are working on an Oil Sands member site, you will need the Oil Sands Safety Association (or the up and coming ESC) version of Fall Protection (if working at heights), Elevated Work Platform (if working on man-lifts), and Confined Space Entry Monitor (if working in &/or monitoring confined spaces).

More generally, OSSA courses have always enjoyed a good reputation, and are universally observed elsewhere in Alberta and usually in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Territories as well.

Date & Time: Friday, 8:15am – 4:15pm

Location: L739 Office, 168 Higgins Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3B0B8

Who should attend: Members in need of the respective OSSA safety training for current job or upcoming dispatch

Prerequisites: None required

Instructor: Chris Hooter, IUPAT DC 17 Instructor

Course Organizer: Chris Hooter, IUPAT DC 17 Director of Training

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