SSPC Coating Applicator Specialist (Saskatoon)

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Application: There is paperwork involved to take SSPC CAS exam. For an application, contact Chris Hooter at IUPAT DC 17, 780.484.8645 x102 -or-; you can’t officially enroll until the paperwork is in.

Proctors TBD: FTI provides qualified SSPC proctors to IUPAT CAS exams; the proctor[s] do not grade either the written nor the practical portions of the exam, they just measure and report; SSPC grades the written exam and practical reports

Description: The SSPC Coating Applicator Specialist Exam (aka, CAS) is a written and practical (blast & spray) exam for an SSPC certification designating the minimum knowledge and skillset requirements for an Industrial Coating Applicator as described in the Joint Standard SSPC ACS 1 / NACE No. 13 Industrial Coating and Lining Application Specialist Qualification and Certification. Per a big push by IUPAT Canada and signatory contractors, CAS certification is being requested more and more industrial site owners.

Length: written exam (half day) followed by blast & spray practical (an additional half day). Usually, everyone writes their CAS written on morning DAY 1, and then returns later that same week for CAS Blast & Spray Practical (generally runs the remainder of the same week)

IUPAT DC 17’s SSPC CAS Exams are offered one time annually in Saskatoon, Edmonton & Fort McMurray

Any DC 17 Member (Local 177 & 739) can take the CAS exam at any of the offered locations