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Lead Paint Abatement for Workers

< AB OHS Part 4: Chemical Hazards, Biological Hazards, and Harmful Substances

21(2) “The employer must ensure that a worker who may be exposed to a harmful substance at a work site … is training in procedures developed by the employer to minimize the worker’s exposure to harmful substances, and understand the procedures.”

This half day (+) course is designed to familiarize the lead paint abatement worker with some history of lead in paint, biological hazards associated w/ lead, various  abatement methods, proper decontamination procedures (the use of showers, wash trailers, hand wash stations, HEPA vacs, laundry services), PPE / respirators, engineering controls, good work practices, blood work requirements, occupational airborne testing requirements, etc.

If you have has SSPC C3 – the four day lead abatement supervisor course – then you don’t need this course.

Instructor: Mike Iftody

Location: Edmonton Hall

Friday, May 30 2019, 8am – ~Noon


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