For 739 members, it’s more straightforward. If you have 6000 [verifiable] hours in industrial painting and your CAS Level 2 certification, you will be dispatched at Journeyman status.
Note: SSPC is a bit slow grading things, and then they send it to the International in Maryland, who then finally sends it to DC 17. Well, in that 6 or 8 or 10 week lag, a lot can happen. For example, contractors could easily have billed you out in that intervening period at your [then current] non-JM rate, making your new dispatch rate difficult to fairly retroactively apply ~2 months later when DC17 finally received your CAS certificate. Therefore, DC17 tries to work with the individuals and the signatory contractors to come up with a fair dispatch date for your new JM rate.
So, just be aware, the dispatch date may not be the date you took CAS, nor the date on your CAS certificate.