If you have your “CAS” now, you have CAS Level 2 Interim
You can recertify CAS Level 2 Interim once. To recertify CAS Level 2 Interim, you need 36 hours of industry related training over a 3 year period. SSPC is very reasonable concerning what training they accept. For example, a two day Standard First Aid (16 hours), and you’re almost halfway there.
OSSA Fall Pro? … Yeah, that counts!
H2S? … Yup, there’s another 8 hours!
So just by staying up to date on your safety training, over a 3 year period, you’re very close to meeting the hours for interim recertification.
If you take an SSPC or NACE course in that same period, you’re easily approaching (or comfortably over) the 36 hour threshold.
As mentioned, you can only recertify CAS Interim once. After that, recertification consists of writing the FULL written exam (written only, not the [same] practical). We still have a couple years before anyone is affected here. Cross that bridge as we approach.