SSPC CAS consists of a written and blast & spray practical.
For written prep, there are a few options. 1st, you should take SSPC C1. There is no better prep for the CAS written than SSPC C1 Fundamentals of Protective Coatings (offered annually in Edmonton and Saskatoon, intentionally prior to CAS)
And / or else, DC17 Training tries to offer study sessions week prior to, or at least weekend prior to, the CAS exam. In 2016, we offered half day prep for 4-5 days prior to the CAS week. In Saskatoon, we did these in the evenings (for guys working), and that model worked out well. If schedule allows, we will repeat in offseason. Else, we’ll do something weekend prior to.
Additionally, there are on-line CAS prep materials which will be made available.
For the practical: you’re taking an applicator test for blasting and spray; you either know how to blast and spray, or you don’t. However, in the prep classes, we will review the CAS panel and discuss ‘strategy’ for the practical.