Well, just to suggest a couple …
Geography for one – including the two [2] territories, our district footprint is almost half the size of all of Europe! There are our existing training centres in Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg … but what of Ft McMurray? Calgary? Regina? Or the immense areas in between? Do you parachute instructors in, or do you hire local guy[s]? And how do you finance all this? Well, the Director of Training is the union’s lead administrator for the Training Trust. With the diligent help of Debbie Rasmussen, DC 17 has refined and improved the tracking of training monies with more formal accounting practices. Training Finances are presented to and reviewed by Training Trustees (4 from Management, 4 from Labour] semi-annually.
And other Allied Trades – although Industrial Paint dominates L177 and a large plurality of L739 membership – have needs that the training department must address as well.
For example, there are many more Glazier and Glass Shop / Manufacturing Worker DC 17 members in Manitoba than painters. Yes, Glass pays the bills in Manitoba.
And Regina – yes Regina, not Calgary, not Edmonton, not Winnipeg – has by far the largest commercial painting contractor in DC 17 (Deco Interiors).
These brothers and sisters don’t necessarily serve the same markets as our industrial painters, but their issues are no less important. And diversity of our trades – all our district trades – is another important paradigm in securing the future success of this Hall.