Description: SSPC Plural Component Application for Polyureas and High Solid Coatings is a new SSPC training program. The two previous offerings of this course in DC 17 [April 2017 in Edmonton and Saskatoon] were the 1st offerings in the entire IUPAT. Additionally, these were only the 6th or  7th times the courses had ever been offered by SSPC. So, it’s new to the SSPC cue, and probably needs some tweaks. Still, it has some fantastic information re plural equipment and spray; the only other similar program (SSPC C14) focuses exclusively on manifold mix plural spray. But this course dives into both manifold mix (i.e., high solids coatings) and gun mix (i.e., polyurea) plural gear. There is nothing else offered like it out there.

Length: week – two day classroom (w/ written exam), followed by 1 day review of both plural rigs and then practicals on both plural units

Who should attend: seasoned industrial painters in with previous experience (800 hours) on plural equipment.

Enrollment: very limited; 8 max

For more information: Email DC17 Training at or call 800.322.0694