Your Travel Medical Emergency insurance is fully insured via Great-West Life and coordinated with their affiliate, Global Medical Assistance. Coverage ceases when the insured Member attains age 70 or retirement, whichever occurs first. The Travel Medical Emergency insurance (policy #165013) requires that when you are traveling and an emergency or accident occurs, you must report the incident to Global Medical Assistance as soon as possible by calling in Canada and the U.S. at 1.800.527.0218; within the United Kingdom at 0.800.252.074, and finally from within Mexico at 001.800.101.0061. If you have any difficulty with any of the Toll Free numbers, call collect at 401.453.6330. Wallet cards are available at the Union Office or the Administrator (Coughlin office) with the relevant information for contact purposes.

Prior to travelling, if you or your eligible dependent(s) have a known medical condition, we encourage you to contact Coughlin & Associate Ltd. (Toll Free 1.888.204.1234) for clarification of coverage, as it may not be applicable subject to the circumstances associated with your medical condition.

The overall maximum for coverage is unlimited although certain treatment limits will apply. Please refer to the Extended Health Benefits section of the Member Benefit Plan Booklet for additional Details.