It’s late March, work is picking up, and our most successful off-season training is beginning to wind down. Just a couple more weeks to go.

This year, IUPAT DC 17 rolled out our new Foreman Series: Foreman Tier 1 (2 Days), Foreman Tier 2 / STP (2 Days), & Foreman Tier 3 / SSPC C2 (5 days)

Foreman Tier 1: IUPAT DC 17 completed a total of five (5) Foreman Tier 1 (aka, Lead Hand) Training classes in Edmonton (2 classes), Saskatoon (2 classes), and Ft McMurray (1 class) [to date]. Based on the leadership works by Mark Breslin and Mentorship / Apprenticeship programs by SkillPlan, Foreman Tier 1 was well received and well attended (averaged 10 / class).

This was the ‘beta version‘ of Foreman Tier 1. It was a great experience developing this course, fun instructing, and look forward to incorporating student feedback into improving the program going forward. If you have any additional comments / suggestions for the course, please don’t hesitate to send them to me!