It’s late March, work is picking up, and our most successful off-season training is beginning to wind down. Just a couple more weeks to go.

This year, IUPAT DC 17 rolled out our new Foreman Series: Foreman Tier 1 (2 Days), Foreman Tier 2 / STP (2 Days), & Foreman Tier 3 / SSPC C2 (5 days)

Foreman Tier 2 / Supervisor Training Program: LMCI’s STP program isn’t new, but it has been recently revised and updated. And no other District Council has embraced the new STP more so than DC 17. With five (5) STP classes this off-season and an average attendance of 10 / class, DC17 leads the entire IUPAT in STP in both the number of classes and attendance.

Special thanks to Dennis Duran, Dan Penski, John Hamilton and Simon Hazelwood for their efforts to instruct these courses.