Members of DC 17 attended OSSA Fall Protection in Saskatoon over the weekend of November 25 & 26 for upcoming Park Derochie work in Ft McMurray. Shown in the photo, are 12 attendees from Saturday’s OSSA Fall Pro class. Another 9 attended the same Sunday.

Members of DC 17 at the OSSA Fall Protection in Saskatoon

IUPAT DC 17 has two OSSA Fall Pro Instructors on staff, Mike Iftody & Chris Hooter (instructed these 2 in Saskatoon). Both also instruct OSSA EWP & OSSA CSEM. At the formation of District Council 17, one of our very first priorities out of the gate was to develop the internal capacity to train numerous Health & Safety Courses, including OSSA. DC 17’s OSSA programs are through Touchback Safety. So, members get a Touchback Safety (OSSA) certificate if they successfully complete. This program reflects the paradigm shift in training since the formation of the DC, and has been warmly welcomed by members and signatory employers.