During week of August 21 2017, FTI International  held Train The Trainer [TTT] for the revised Supervisor Training Program. The STP TTT was formally presented by Patrick Rome (FTI Upper Midwest) and Ken Seal (FTI International). Pat and Ken did a great job on the revisions! Per suggestions, they have added another unit to the course (Mentoring). The likely revised STP schedule is 2 ½ days (e.g., Thursday – Saturday AM).

Meanwhile, long time STP instructors Dan Penski and Dave Stvartak provided fabulous input for other attendees. Additionally, FTI Director Anton Ruesing gave opening comments and thoughts on the program. So, there was lots of FTI and LMCI horsepower in this room, for a full week, underscoring the need for and the commitment to this program by the IUPAT and FCA. So, they’re ‘all in’.

Both Labour and Contractor attendees left with great impressions and a renewed enthusiasm for this program. Some final tweaks are in the works, but revised STP will be ready for rollout by the Fall. Supervisory training is a key issue for our members and signatory contractors, and it is great to see the IUPAT and FCA so committed.

Ideally, STP is taught by two (2) instructors – one from Labour, one from Management. This TTT had three (3) participating contractors, and more are expected to participate in the coming months. So, instructor capacity from both Labour and Management will be sufficient.

If you / your company are interested in STP, please contact Chris Hooter, IUPAT DC 17 Director of Training.