General Mine Safety Awareness (GMSA) is a new 24-hour safety training course required for any contractor working on a mine site in Saskatchewan as of June 30, 2018 (i.e., Nutrien) or September 30, 2018 (e.g., K+S), depending on the site. This is a Saskatchewan Mining Association (SMA) requirement for all member mines in Saskatchewan.

GMSA is administered by Saskatchewan Polytechnic. There is an e-learning path for GMSA, but it is a little awkward to complete – once a student finishes the on-line modules, they must then schedule their proctored exam a later time, either at SK Poly or another participating facility. So, it isn’t so clean and remote as e-learning might suggest.

Even more problematic for DC 17: how would we corral dozens if not hundreds through completion via the on-line path, in a rush (this is construction, after all), especially with this exam caveat?

Therefore, to address this challenge, IUPAT DC 17 is now an approved SK Poly provider for GMSA classroom instruction, and the only Building Trades member to be so, at least at this date. Shauntelle Hollett is our instructor. In the three [3] day GMSA classroom setting, students participate in a mix of lectures and workshops. On day 3, students take their exam, and are then & there issued temporary GMSA certificates (solving the exam dilemma of the e-learning path). SK Poly eventually processes permanent certificates in a manner similar to Enform’s H2S.

Here is the $tricky$ part – per contract with SK Poly, DC 17 must charge [at least] the SK Poly rate = $615[+GST] / head. That is non-negotiable. In some form or fashion still being worked out, employers must navigate tuition reimbursements – directly or indirectly – through their mining maintenance &/or construction tendering processes and contracts.

IUPAT DC 17’s first GMSA class is this week in Saskatoon (April 17 – 19, 2018) for employees sponsored by their Saskatoon employers. Many more of these to follow in the upcoming weeks.

Stay tuned for more updates and more classes.

For any questions re GMSA, contact Chris Hooter, Director of Training @ 204.943.2497 [o] or