IUPAT DC 17 members enjoying a moment of sunshine during a recent STP course in Calgary.

May 2 -3, 2016: Dave Stvartak LMCI liaison, with assistance from Robert Kucheran (IUPAT General Vice President, Canada), Chris Hooter (IUPAT DC 17 Director of Training), and Brian Gingras (FTI ATR, Canada), did a fantastic job delivering LMCI’s Supervisory Training Program for IUPAT DC 17 in Calgary, Alberta. Fourteen [14] Calgary Local 177 members attended, including guys from Alpine Glass, CGI, and LPC.

Too many times on construction projects it is ‘Tag, you’re it!’ for Foreman and Supervisors. Well, this two day course helped prepare attendees by better defining the Supervisor’s Role in order for them to more smoothly transition into these roles. Everything from communication skills, understanding costs, to planning and scheduling was included. Class was a series of lectures and workshops.

Feedback was good, members enjoyed it, and we are much appreciative to LMCI and Dave Stvartak for coming.

Since this course was last offered, FTI  has revised. Chris Hooter is attending the revised STP Train-The-Trainer week of August 21, 2017. So, IUPAT DC 17 will have internal instructor capacity for revised STP going forward as well.

If you are interested in the STP, please contact Chris Hooter, IUPAT DC 17 Director of Training 204.943.2497 or chrishooter@dc17.ca  for more information.

Authors: Chris Hooter & Corey Bolivar