A Red Seal endorsement is a seal on your provincial or territorial trade certificate. It shows that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to practice your trade across Canada. Information about the Red Seal certification can be found here: Welcome to Red Seal (red-seal.ca)

Members have been expressing an increasing interest in attaining their Red Seal. It is IUPAT DC 17’s preferance that all tradespersons attend traditional technical training consisting of a 8 weeks of in classroom training followed by 1300 on the job hours for each of the 3 levels of Painter Decorator apprenticeship. More information can be found here: DC 17 Painter Decorator Apprenticeship Training

Due to the lack of training options for apprentices prior to 2021 there is an understandable gap that was created with apprentices not attending school. If individuals meet the requirements in their home province they may challenge the red seal exam. This process is completed through the designated provincial apprenticeship authority. More information can be found on the below links:

Trades Qualifier – Qualify on Work Experience (hours)
Trades Qualifier – Qualify on Certification (credentials from another provincial apprenticeship authority)

Experienced Workers

Experienced Tradespersons

District Council 17 is developing a support system for members that qualify to challenge their exam and meet DC 17’s program requirements. We are hoping to roll out these supports in late Spring/early Summer 2024 and it may include study material, guidance, fee reimbursement, and so forth. Please check back for updates.