A Red Seal endorsement is a seal on your provincial or territorial trade certificate. It shows that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to practice your trade across Canada. Information about the Red Seal certification can be found here: Welcome to Red Seal (red-seal.ca)

Members have been expressing an increasing interest in attaining their Red Seal. It is IUPAT DC 17’s preference that all tradespersons attend traditional technical training consisting of 8 weeks of in classroom training followed by 1300 on the job hours for each of the 3 levels of Painter Decorator apprenticeship. More information can be found here: DC 17 Painter Decorator Apprenticeship Training

Due to the lack of training options for apprentices prior to 2021 there is an understandable gap that was created with apprentices not attending school. If individuals meet the requirements in their home province they may challenge the red seal exam. This process is completed through the designated provincial apprenticeship authority. More information can be found on the below links:

Trades Qualifier – Qualify on Work Experience (hours)
Trades Qualifier – Qualify on Certification (credentials from another provincial apprenticeship authority)

Experienced Workers
Application Process

Experienced Tradespersons

Red Seal Challenge Program

First and foremost, it is DC 17’s recommendation that all apprentices attend traditional apprenticeship training offered at our Edmonton facility. This consists of (3) 8-week periods of in-school technical training with completion of the required on-the-job training hours. However, it has also been recognized by DC 17 that apprenticeship was not previously promoted to our members and the program was extremely underutilized. As a result, there was a gap in attendance for our members; many of which have been in the field for over a decade working without valid credentials. Therefore, DC 17 has committed to assisting our members who meet program requirements in obtaining their Red Seal through the challenge process.

This Red Seal Challenge process is completed through your provincial apprenticeship authority. DC 17 will assist members through the process by guiding the applicant through the application process, providing study material, and issuing reimbursement of the application fee upon successful completion of the process (fees for additional studying material, prep classes, re-write fees, etc. will not be reimbursed).

Members are ultimately responsible for creating and submitting required documents, communicating with AIT, and completing the program requirements within the apprenticeship authority’s allotted time frame.

To qualify for assistance from DC 17 the individual must:

• Be a member in good standing with a District Council 17 Local.

• Meet all AIT application requirements.

• Have a minimum of 15 000 verifiable on-the-job hours in the Painter Decorator trade documented through an ROE or work experience letters from Company Management.

• Minimum 1000 hours in the preceding 12 months working for an IUPAT Union signatory contractor.

• Minimum 1000 hours in the succeeding 12 months after certification is attained working for an IUPAT Union signatory contractor prior to reimbursement being awarded.

If you are interested in taking part in this process please read the guidance available and familiarize yourself with the requirements for the provincial apprenticeship authority you are applying with. Once you have reviewed this information please contact training@dc17.ca to enroll in the program.